Advance GLR07

The Advance Tyre GLR07 was specially developed for industrial use and can be used for large forklifts and terminal tractors.

The large and robustly constructed tread and the reinforced sidewall of the GLR07 enable the tyre to have excellent traction, stability and a safe driving experience even on the roughest terrain.

The special rubber compound and the innovative radial carcass enable low wear and long service life.

Extra deep tread, provides excellent abrasion resistance performance, and higher mileage.


12.00R20**TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
11.00R2016169A5TLForklift Pneumattic
12.00R24***TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
6.00R912TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
5.00R810TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
14.00R24***TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
8.25R1516TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
9.00R2014160A5TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
6.50R1012TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
7.00R1214TLForklift Radial Pneumatic
10.00R2016TLForklift Radial Pneumatic