Alliance 327

The FarmPRO 327 Implement has a soil-friendly tread design characterised by central ribs and shoulder lugs. The central ribs together with a wide and flat contact area provide the lowest possible soil compaction and damage.


400/60-15.514145/A8TLPremium Flotation I-2
340/55-16 [13/55-16]12133/A8TLFarmPro Implement I-2
480/45-17 [19.0/45-17]14144/BTLPremium Flotation I-2
500/55-2012151/BTLImplement I-2
500/50-1714149/A8TLPremium Flotation I-2
500/55-2010150/A8TLPremium Flotation I-2
15.0/55-17 [380/55-17]12138/A8TLFarmPro Imp I-2
14.0/65-16 [360/65-16]18150/A8TLPremium Flotation I-2