Alliance 360

Alliance 360 is an extra wide tyre available in radial for use in agricultural tractors and combine harvesters for farming. It is characterised by increased load capacity for the same inflation pressure. This means that the low inflation pressure combined with a large footprint helps reduce soil compaction. Low angled lugs of the tyre at the shoulder area improve traction, while higher angles around the tyre centre line improve ride comfort. This leads to increased tyre traction efficiency by an effective traction/slip characteristic. Also, the strong radial construction with reinforced beads and sidewalls provides long tyre life.

When used on Forestry tractors, Alliance 360 offers a steel-belted Bias variant designed to provide excellent traction, puncture protection, low soil compaction and self-cleaning features. The reinforced side walls with additional rubber and textile layer provide excellent stability during forestry operations. The tyre is built with special forestry compounds and a tough sidewall for effective forestry use. Steel belt layers provide protection against punctures under severe working conditions in the forest.


750/65R26 [28LR26]170/B173/A8TLSuper Power Drive R-1
650/75R32172/B172/BTLSuper Power Drive R-1
800/65R32 [30.5R32]178/B181/A8TLSuper Power Drive R-1
540/70-30152A8TLSteel Belted -R-1