Alliance 370

The Alliance 370 wide base radial tyres are developed for loaders and for field and hauling applications. The tyre provides higher load capacity (about 10% more) at the same inflation pressure compared with the standard. The special R-1W traction tread pattern with radial nylon casing, rigid belts, mudguard and unique shoulder design ensures excellent grip and high traction efficiency. The large tyre footprint area reduces average ground pressure, minimises soil compaction and increases flotation abilities.


200/70R1694B/94A8TLWide Deep Tread 70 R-1W
240/70R16TLWide Deep Tread 70 R-1W
260/70R20TLWide Deep Tread 70 R-1W
620/70R26177/A8177/A8TLAgro Industrial R-1W