Alliance 550 Multi Use

The 550 Multi Use pattern is used in agricultural applications because of its versatile tread design. Specific block tread design enables high performances on snow-covered as well as on sandy terrains. Basic directional lug design, divided by separated blocks, provides a good grip on soft surfaces. In addition, high number of blocks and rubber to void tread ratio, enables long tread wear life and low rolling resistances during transport operation on hard surfaces. Uniform ground pressure distribution and tread wear are provided by steel belted carcass structure. In addition, steel belts give the most efficient puncture protection.


265/70R16.5 [10R16.5]130A2TLStl Belted,R-4,Skid Steer.
405/70R18TLStl Belted.Tractor,141B/153A2
300/80R24TLIndustrial Stl Belt 133A8/128D
440/80R30157A8153DTLIndustrial,Stl Belt 157A8/153D
340/80R24DTLIndustrial Stl Belt 140A8/135D
400/80R24149/144TLIndustrial Stl Belt 149A8/144D
400/80R28TLIndustrial Stl Belt 151A8/146D
440/80R28DTLIndustrial Stl Belt 156A8/151D
540/80R38DTLIndustrial,Stl Belt 172A8/167D