Alliance 580

Alliance 580 is built with a unique tread pattern that enables strong grip and high traction on soft surfaces, as well as work on hard surfaces. Its carcass construction contributes to the high stability of the machine, especially while working on sloppy terrains, and complete puncture protection. This tyre because of its central lug design is well suited for both on and off-road, making it a good tyre for multi-purpose transportation. The tyres long tread life and low tread wear are based on its specific tread design and durable tread rubber compound.


425/75R20148/GTLMPT R-4 Radial
500/70R24 [19.5LR24]164/B164/BTLAgro-Industrial R-4 Radial
460/70R24 [17.5LR24]159/B159/A8TLAgro-Industrial R-4 Radial
280/80R20 [10.5R20]TLTelehandler,133A8/133B
400/70R20 [16.0/70R20]148A8TLStl Belted ,Loader,TeleHandler
405/70R24152A8TTStl Belted,Telehandler,R4
500/70R24164A8TLBackhoe,Loader,Stl Belted