Double Coin Abysilency

Wide Main Grooves Design

Incorporating four wide longitudinal grooves, this tire design ensures efficient water evacuation and enhances safety by improving handling on wet roads.

Innovative Steel Groove Design

With its ability to effortlessly slice through water films, this design significantly enhances tire performance on wet roads and effectively prevents water drift phenomena.

Central Continuous Ribs

By ensuring stiffness in the central area and increasing the ground contact area, this design enhances handling performance and grip. Additionally, it reduces airflow and noise levels for a more comfortable driving experience.

Asymmetric Shoulder Design

The asymmetric pattern design and dislocation of shoulder grooves in this design create an interference effect that helps to reduce resonance noise, resulting in a quieter driving experience.

Rim Protection Structure

By incorporating a rim protection structure, this design ensures added protection against scratches and damage to the rim.