Falken RI-150

The RI150 is built to last. Designed to maximise uptime on the road, the RI150 incorporates stone drilling prevention features to protect the tyre from casing damage. Falken’s RI150 features an all-new tread profile that widens the stance of the tyre for better weight distribution which increases tread life and promotes even wear. A wavy outside shoulder groove helps to prevent cracking typically experienced at the base of the tread.

  • Smart shape case technology Minimises casing growth throughout the life of the tyre for a consistent tyre profile during loaded and unloaded driving conditions. This supports an unchanging contact patch for maximum mileage.
  • Micro sipes Along the rib walls ensure even wear by adding flexibility to the rib wall.
  • 4D nanotechnology An advanced simulation and analysis technique that makes it possible to provide longer wear and lower rolling resistance by predicting rubber characteristics at the molecular level.


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