Falken Ziex CT60AS

The Falken Ziex CT60 All-season tyre, specifically designed for modern crossover utility vehicles, provides a combination of long tread life and all-weather safety. Featuring advanced all-season tread compound technology, drivers will experience shorter stopping distances in wet and snowy weather, providing a more durable, trustworthy tyre year-round.

  • Long tread life for crossovers 3D Canyon Sipes interlocks the shoulder blocks to resist wear commonly associated with crossovers due to their higher centre of gravity.
  • Increased handling for crossovers Asymmetric tread pattern consisting of polygonal-shaped inside grooves that provide more edges to increase wet and snow traction, is combined with a high-rigidity outside shoulder rib that delivers the handling and stability necessary for CUVs.
  • Exceptional wet performance Four wide circumferential grooves resist hydroplaning by quickly evacuating water through the tread pattern providing secure contact with the road in heavy rain.
  • All-season safety Silica enriched tread compound delivers superior wear life and wet performance over a wide range of operating temperatures.