GitiSport GTR3

Street Legal
The GitiSport GTR3 is more than just a high-performance tyre; it’s designed to meet the requirements for street legality, allowing you to enjoy its capabilities on public roads without any issues.

Sporty Handling
This tyre offers precise handling, making your drives enjoyable whether you’re on highways or winding roads.

Dry Road Performance
It excels in dry conditions, ensuring you get the best performance when the weather is clear.

High-Speed Capability
The GitiSport GTR3 is capable of achieving speeds exceeding 300 km/h, catering to those who enjoy spirited driving.

Exceptional Grip
On dry surfaces, it provides excellent traction, keeping your vehicle firmly planted on the road.

Effective Braking
Enhanced braking and stopping power contribute to safety, allowing you to respond confidently in emergencies.

Motorsport Influence
Drawing inspiration from motorsports, it features a compound that enhances performance.

Sleek Design
Its low-profile, semi-slick profile design not only looks sporty but also improves handling.

Precise Steering
Expect improved steering precision for greater control while driving.