GT Radial Adventuro AT3

The Adventuro AT3 is an all-terrain tyre for 4wd and SUV drivers wanting aggressive looks and civilized on-road manners.

The enhanced tread compound and dual-purpose tread design provide excellent handling, wet grip and a comfortable ride.

Superb off-road capabilities are maintained with features that provide stability and grip on soft and loose surfaces as well as a self-cleaning tread design.

  • Enhanced Compound Provides wet and dry grip, longer tread life and improved cut/chip resistance.
  • Interlocked Center Rib Superior handling, stability and grip on both soft and loose surfaces.
  • 3D Chamfered-Edge Grooves Self-cleaning tread design for off-road performance.
  • Five-Pitch Technology Reduced tyre noise.
  • Dual-Purpose Tread Design Balanced on-road and off-road performance.