4 straight grooves and slightly curved grooves maximise water drainage and resist hydroplaning.

Straight centre rib block design helps directional driving stability and excellent steering response.

The second rib reversed blocks optimise the stiffness to deliver higher driving stability.

Wide shoulder with equal block division design delivers excellent cornering and handling stability.

Semi longitudinal grooves in the shoulder, enhance cornering and handling performance on wet roads.

Micro sipes design enhances driving performance and improves traction on wet roads.


Rim SizeTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexType
16215/65R1698HNon Directional,H/T
16215/70R16100HNon Directional,H/T
16225/70R16103HNon Directional,H/T
16235/70R16106HNon Directional,H/T
16245/70R16111H XLXL,Non Directional,H/T
16265/70R16112HNon Directional,H/T
17215/60R1796VNon Directional,H/T
17225/60R1799HNon Directional,H/T
17225/65R17102HNon Directional,H/T
17235/55R17103VXL,Non Directional,H/T
17235/60R17102HNon Directional,H/T
17235/65R17108HXL,Non Directional,H/T
17245/65R17111HXL,Non Directional,H/T
17265/65R17112HNon Directional,H/T
18215/55R1895VNon Directional,H/T
18235/50R18101VXL,Non Directional,H/T
18235/55R18104VXL,Non Directional,H/T
18235/60R18107VXL,Non Directional,H/T
18255/55R18109VXL,Non Directional,H/T
18285/60R18120HNon Directional,H/T
19255/55R19111V XLXL,Non Directional,H/T