The Huntsman provides Dry, Wet and Off-Road performance along with ride comfort.

Provides excellent control in wild side driving.

Large stiff tread blocks offer superior traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Strong body design provides extra load capacity.


Rim SizeTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexType
1427x8.50R1495QMud Terrain
15215/75R15106/103Q Mud Terrain
15235/75R15104/101QMud Terrain
1531x10.5R15109QMud Terrain
1532x11.5R15113QMud Terrain
1533x12.5R15108QMud Terrain
16225/75R16115/112QMud Terrain
16235/70R16110/107QMud Terrain
16235/85R16120/116QMud Terrain
16245/70R16113/110QMud Terrain RWL
16245/75R16120/116Q Mud Terrain
16265/75R16123/120QMud Terrain
16285/75R16122/119QMud Terrain
17265/65R17120/117QMud Terrain
17265/70R17118/115QMud Terrain
1733x12.5R17114Q Mud Terrain
1735x12.5R17121Q Mud Terrain
1833x12.5R18106/103Q Mud Terrain
1835x12.5R18118QMud Terrain
2033x12.5R20114QMud Terrain
2035x12.5R20121Q Mud Terrain
2037x13.5R20127Q Mud Terrain
2233x12.5R22109Q Mud Terrain
2235x12.5R22117Q Mud Terrain
2237x13.5R22123QMud Terrain