SunWide ROLIT6

A wide centre rib reinforces the tread and provides excellent lateral stability.

Block shoulder design provides stable steering control.

The 4 main groove design shows excellent control and traction.

The whole rib tread design reduces rolling resistance and is more economic.

The small shoulder rib design avoids irregular treadwear and reduces the noise.


Rim SizeTyre SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexType
13155/80R1379TNon Directional
13165/65R1377TNon Directional
13165/80R1383TNon Directional
13175/60R1377TNon Directional
13185/70R1386HNon Directional
14195/65R1489HNon Directional
14205/60R1488HNon Directional
14215/70R1496HNon Directional
15225/60R1596VNon Directional
16195/60R1689HNon Directional
16235/60R16100HNon Directional